iLash and Spa | Eyelash extensions in Norwood MA 02062



We’re a small business, and we value your time & your business, and you respect our booking policies.

iLash And Spa require all appointments to be reserved with a small booking fee, including appointments made online or through the phone. Appointments are by reservation only.

We require a $50 deposit for all new sets, lash lift, and tint and a $30 deposit for refills, brown lamination, and other services


Please note that once you have booked your appointment with us means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you. If you cancel our appointment less than 24hrs before it is scheduled to take place, your deposit will be lost.

In the event of more than two canceled appointments, no-shows, or late arrivals, iLash And Spa reserve the right to stop providing services.

To avoid the cancellation fee, please call or text us at 857-242-8347 to cancel or reschedule the appointment.


Refunds are NOT offered in any circumstance for any service. If you are not satisfied with your lash treatment, you have 72 hours to contact us and schedule a time to come in so we are able to fix or reapply lost lashes. If you contact us after 3 days, the refill price will be applied.

Late Arrival

There is no fee for late arrivals. However, late arrivals may result in cutting your appointment short and you will be responsible for the entire service.

If a Customer is more than 15 (fifteen) minutes late without any notice will result in a cancelation. iLash And Spa reserve the right to cancel their appointment and apply the cancelation fee.

Fills from another salon

Please understand that each lash salon is unique. Each has its own standard, style, and material used. As stated, we must see your lashes to determine if it is a 2 or 3-week fill. We will try our best to match with what you have on. Should we be unable to match what you have on due to the quality of work done; we will remove your current lashes and give you a new set.

We cannot guarantee how long the lashes will last when filling in someone else’s work.

After Care Expectations

We cannot guarantee our work will last if aftercare is not followed. Your lash retention is based strongly on your aftercare and upkeep. We provide aftercare instructions and aftercare kits at the salon.

Small Children

We strive to make each guest experience as relaxing and as safe as possible. In order to do so, we politely ask that guests refrain from bringing under the age of 12 are allowed in the salon their appointments


iLash And Spa do not allow pets or animals in the salon, with the exception of Certified Service Animals.

Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts & Brow Laminations Aftercare

• Be as gentle as possible with your new eyelashes or brows.

• Keep them as dry as possible for 24 hrs. This includes being in hot and steamy environments ( hot bath or sauna) as the moisture will impact the initial curing process.

• Do not use any waterproof and oil-based mascara or brow makeup. Use water-based mascara sparingly on your eyelashes, preferably from the middle to the tips, avoiding the base of your eyelashes.

• Avoid sports and recreation activities that cause you to sweat, especially those taking place in humid conditions. Examples include but are not limited to swimming, showering, visiting spas and saunas, and tanning.

• Do not use any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens, or cleansers containing oils on or near eyelashes or brows.

• Avoid rubbing your eyes and brows or touching your lashes with your hands or fingers.

• It is advisable to sleep on your side or back versus on your front for the first 24 hours.